Workshop: The Way of the Dancer

 Sonntag, August 11 - Freitag, August 16, 2019 , 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM

Seminarzentrum Schloss Glarisegg, Schloss Glarisegg, Schweiz, Steckborn, Schweiz (Switzerland)

The Way of the Dancer

For thousands of years humans have danced for healing, aliveness, orientation or transformation. Dance is a universal language, which takes us far beyond the spoken word.
Movement is a force of life. Let’s dive into it together!
In this workshop we will interweave creative and organic movement with the strong and centered presence of our inner witness. Curiosity opens the dance floor into a space where the body and the spirit connect. Together we will dance in the transformative fire of movement and presence, supporting each other in the healing energy field of a conscious, heart felt and embodied community. Let’s be a ritual versus a routine!

Each day begins with a somatic meditation preparing body and mind to embark on a journey that invites movement and stillness, listening and expression, body and soul, community awareness and co-creation. In the afternoons or evenings we will sense, play and improvise  in nature (Tamalpa Life/Art® Prozess) to get in touch with our inner nature and enjoy time to explore the surroundings, go on a hike and just hang out at the beach!!!

Summer Dance week at Lake Constance, Ch
8/11 – 8/16/19
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