Workshop: Core Creations: Connexion Creative

 Samstag, Mai 4, 01:00 PM - 06:00 PM

Western Sky Studio, Berkeley, 2525 eighth street, Berkeley, USA, CA

Core Creations
Let’s be a ritual versus a routine!
Curiosity opens the dance floor into a space where the body and the creative connect.
Playful experimentation lays the tracks for deep exploration of our unique and eternal stories of life.
Let’s breathe, move and listen … and tune into the unique beat at our core…
May our dances be songs of homecoming – prayers of love and reverence, inviting a healing dream for all beings…

This day begins with a somatic meditation using the “8 Core Connexion keys”, preparing body and mind to embark on a journey that invites movement and stillness, listening and expression, body and soul, community awareness and co-creation.
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