Workshop (US): Shape – Shifters

 Samstag, April 4, 01:00 PM - 06:00 PM

Western Sky Studio, Berkeley, 2525 eighth street, Berkeley, USA, CA

As movers and shakers we are specialists for change. We flow, we pulse, we breathe, shift shapes, … we move and are still, touching the miracle of our unique aliveness and inner wisdom!

As conscious dancers and shape shifters we are multi dimensional beings. In dance time, we can travel through time and space, play with rhythms, energies, shapes, emotions and stories … expressing our individual and personal but also the universal stories of life and soul. 

In this workshop we will interweave creative and organic movement with the strong and centered presence of our inner witness. Curiosity opens the dance floor into a space where the body and the spirit connect. Together we will dance in the transformative fire of movement and presence, dive under the surface of the visible into the wold of sensations, movement and emotions… supporting each other in the healing energy field of a conscious, heart felt and embodied community.


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