Core Connexion online Centering & Presencing Immersion

  • 2024-01-13 10:30 AM PST

 Core Connexion Presencing and Centering Immersion Online

Building Resilience in a Changing World

This immersion is for everyone and also suitable as a prerequisite for the CC Facilitator Training.

It is recommend it for all CC graduates and especially for current CC facilitators as an essential update.

We live in uncertain times. Many of us are exhausted and overwhelmed because so much has changed as a result of the pandemic and other challenges like war, inflation, climate change, artificial intelligence and the polarization within our societies. Many of the old ways and strategies that used to give us safety and a feeling of belonging do not work anymore. There is a lot more fear and angst than 4 years ago.

Many things we had been used to in our daily lives are different. There is no going back. 

How can we be compassionate with ourselves and others? How can we grieve the losses, embrace the new and recharge again. How can we learn to dance with the unknown and the new circumstances? How can we create deep resilience and open to new solutions with creativity and joy? How can we grow a feeling of being anchored and resilient??

I have found body awareness practices and dance, being a language beyond words, to be connecting, healing and uniting elements. They bridge mind, heart and body, the energies of different cultures, languages, ages and gender orientation and help us to regain our creativity. Re-inhabiting our bodies, our hearts and our minds from everyday stresses and manage acute bodily stress responses (fight, flight, etc), we can learn how to be present and alive in the now, by dancing our lives from our core. 

Life’s natural expression is movement, creativity, growth, impermanence and transformation. Life is a dance. Our bodies are the home for this dance in this life. 

Let’s take our cue from nature. What would be a better way of studying and playing with these qualities than using movement, body awareness and the dance?

As movers and dancers we are experts in change. Each dance changes the dancer physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. As artists and somatic practitioners, the body is our instrument, our vehicle, our compass and teacher. Each dance is an expression of life, each centering practice teaches us about living life from our physical center but also our wise center. Each breath is a bridge to the present. 

Each time, we practice, we guide our awareness to our bodily anchors in the NOW and awaken, align with and enliven our core, we grow our strength, flexibility, presence, capacity and creativity. We build neuronal infrastructures of body and brain that show us the way to these core qualities and build our resilience from the inside out. 

From here we can live more authentically, decrease stress, find new solutions and learn how to “dance” with life’s challenges from our center versus struggling with them and react to life from an automatic and often armored place. We can grow strength, insight and resilience.

We can access joy and connection, creativity and co-creativity with others, without losing ourselves in the process. We can move from our center and inner spaciousness. 

In this Core Connexion Centering immersion you will build an infrastructure of center, and water the seeds of loving awareness and creativity. 

You will learn a movement sequence which invites certain centered states, tuning body and awareness aligning you with your inner wisdom. You will engage in creative expression moving and integrating the connection to your center and weave these experiences into your everyday life, your community and build your home practice. 

Each meeting will focus on one of the areas and sequences of the practice building on the one before. The sequence is a way of tuning the instruments of body and awareness. After the tuning sequence we will dive into a creative exploration around the topic of the day, integrating the part of the movement sequence into our movement expression and dance practice and into our lives. 

The practice of Core Connexion is based on an integration of techniques drawn from modern somatic practices, brain science, martial arts, creative and expressive arts and buddhist teachings on mindfulness.

Through practice and repetition we can build a reliable neuronal infrastructure for ourselves to align with and enliven our core and grow loving awareness, aliveness and creativity in the now.

Let’s “dance” our lives from our core. 

6 online meetings of 2 hours January – April 2024

Saturdays or Sundays 10:30am PST – 12:30pm, (11:30 am Mountain time, 1:30pm EST, Germany, Rwanda 7:30pm)

230 – 280 US$ sliding scale

All sessions will be recorded. If you have to miss one, we can send you a link.

A short handbook will be included. 

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