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Bibliography for Core Connexion Training

Recommended Readings

    • Angeles Arrien:
      • The Four Fold Way, 1993 San Francisco
      • Gratitude
      • The second half of life
    • Flora Bowley: Creative Revolution… and other books on painting
    • Tara Brach:
      • Radical Acceptance, New York 2003
      • True Refuge, 2012
    • Stuart Brown: Play, how it shapes the brain, opens the Imagination, …
    • Richard D. Carson: Taming your Gremlin, 1983, New York, funny and clever.
    • Christine Caldwell: Getting our Bodies Back, Body centered Psychotherapy
    • Pema Chodron:
      • When Things fall apart
      • The places that scare you
    • Norman Doidge: The brain that changes itself.
    • Barbara Ehrenreich: Dancing in the Streets – a history of collective joy
    • Donna Farhi: Yoga Mind, Body and Spirit – A return to wholeness
    • Eric Franklin: Dance imagery (all very practical)
    • James S Gordon: Unstuck, your seven stage journey out of depression
    • Linda Graham: Bouncing Back, Rewiring your brain for maximum resilience and well-being
    • Joan Halifax: The fruitful darkness – Buddhist practice and tribal wisdom
    • Anna Halprin: Returning to Health (very good! some lesson plans are in it too).
    • Daria Halprin: The expressive body in life, art and therapy
    • Peggy Hackney: Making Connections: Total Body Integration Through Bartenieff
    • Rick Hanson + Richard Mendius: Buddha’s Brain, 2009 Oakland
    • Rick Hanson: Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm, and
      Confidence, 2013
    • Jack Kornfield:
      • After the Ecstasy the Laundry (great Meditation teacher, all other books
        great too.)
      • The wise Heart (Buddhist Psychology)
      • No time like the present
    • Mirka Knaster: Discovering the Body’s Wisdom, 1996, New York
    • Anodea Judith:
      • Wheels of Life. (Chakras and psyche!)
      • Eastern body, Western mind…. and others
    • Stephen Levine: A Year to Live, 1997 New York
    • Peter Levine:
      • Waking the Tiger (Trauma and the Body)!
      • Healing Trauma
    • Richard Moss: The mandala of being
    • Andrea Olsen: Body Stories
    • Wendy Palmer:
      • The intuitive Body, 1994, North Atlantic Books, Whole Book, Berkeley (is a
    • John J Ratey, MD, Spark, the revolutionary new science of exercise and the brain
    • Philip Shepherd: New Self New World, Recovering our senses in the twenty-first century,
    • Jill Bolte Taylor: My Stroke of Insight, 2006
    • Thich Nhat Hanh: (All interesting and the world needs more of this)
    • Kaira Jewel Lingo: We are made for these times. 
    • Jon Kabat Zinn: (all good), Buddhist Teacher and stress management clinic

Eva’s Favorite Dance movies:

  • Anna Halprin:
    • Breath made visible
    • Returning Home
  • Wardance: Documentary about children in refugee camps, using dance as a means of
    healing their trauma
  • Rize: Documentary on inner City kids, using dance to work with aggression creatively
  • Billy Eliot: fiction, sweet movie about a miner’s kid in Scottland, his journey into the dance
  • Pina: Dance, dance … otherwise we are lost. Documentary about the Choreographer Pina
  • Rise – En Corps, 2022, a journey of a young woman from Ballet to expressive dance