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About Core Connexion

Learn more about Core Connexion

Dance life from your core ...

There is a special magic that happens, when you let yourself dive into the river of Dance …

… you open to your core nature, your creativity and inner wisdom. You grow your presence in the world and life itself.

Core Connexion is a somatic and creative practice to guide you back home to your core, growing your core awareness and inviting all levels of your intelligence: body, mind, heart, soul and community spirit.

Become wonder – fully – alive through practicing the art of dancing life from your core.

For thousands of years humans have danced for healing, aliveness, orientation or transformation. Dance is a universal language, which takes us far beyond the spoken word.
Movement is a force of life. Let’s dive into it together!

You know those rare moments of deep connection to yourself and your environment, the feeling of being one with yourself and the world, when time stops and you are totally present in the moment. Through Core Connexion you will be able to enjoy many of those core moments. You gain a new level of presence and tap into resources at your core.

Ready to dive in?

The Way of the Dancer…

…is to dance life from my core. The dance space is a different space than the everyday space. It is a space where the body, the spirit and the creative can connect. Free of the daily distractions I have the opportunity to experience being fully alive, connected and whole in the present moment. Here I can listen to my body, breath and heart. I can express, what I cannot say in words. Here I can move or become still…whatever is needed in the moment.  This beautiful and alive presence I can take out into my life.

Life and dance are totally connected. Life informs my dance and dance informs my life. My dance does not take me out of life but puts me right back into it in a stronger way….

May our dances be songs of homecoming – prayers of love and reverence, inviting a healing dream for all beings …
– Eva Vigran

"There is such kindness in our bodies coming together. Your right hand says to my left, 'hello friend, I am here to Be with you, dipping and spinning, rising and falling, moving apart and coming back together, again and again, in this one..."

Rachel Kaplan, Participant at Core Connexion