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Start: Fall 2024
1 year Core Connexion Immersion & 2 year Facilitator Training in hybrid format: in studio and online

Core Connexion Transformational Arts® with Eva Vigran

Body awareness, movement, creativity & presence

Dance life from your core…

                  … and become a source of movement, creativity and connection for yourself and the world.

There is a special magic that happens, when you let yourself arrive in the present moment, land in your body, align between earth and sky, and dive into the river of dance.… you connect to your core nature, open to your creativity and inner wisdom. You grow your presence in the world and life itself. 

Core Connexion is a somatic and expressive movement practice focusing on embodiment, presence and creativity at any age.

Experience body awareness, somatic movement, centering and dance as a way to meet and balance out the energies of your everyday life – the often automatic movements, stories, roles, feelings, inner attitudes and strategies. Arrive with your awareness of body and your center, collect resources, “update yourself” into the present moment and find new (co-) creative ways for your daily life.

Building an alive and loving relationship with the body, building flexibility, strength and creativity in body, feeling and thinking keeps us vital and  vibrant at any age. 

Free your body – free your dance – dance your life

Core Connexion is somatic, connecting body and mind, encouraging full body integration, building new and healthy body – brain connections to grow strength, flexibility, balance and new repertoire of moving, feeling and thinking.

Core Connexion builds resources for all aspects of you and your life. It is a playful and at the same time deep exploration nurturing our interest, creativity, resilience, and capacity to change. It is designed to guide you back home to your physical core and your wise core – your inner nature, which lies beyond the busy every-day mind. You grow your awareness of your own center in relationship to your inner and outer world. You grow your capacity of aliveness and compassion, and connect to your creative repertoire in all aspects of your intelligence: body, emotional, mental, spiritual, community and ecological/belonging to this earth. 

For thousands of years humans have connected to their bodies in relationship to a bigger space and danced for healing, aliveness, orientation or transformation. Dance is a universal language, which takes us far beyond the spoken word. Movement is a force of life. Let’s dive into it together!

You know those rare moments of deep connection to yourself and your environment, the feeling of being one with yourself and the world, when time stops and you are totally present in the moment. Through Core Connexion you will be able to enjoy many of those core moments. You gain a new level of presence and tap into the resources at your core.

Develop the 4 core qualities of resilience, integration and healing: Presence – Movement – Creativity – Compassion

The Way of the Dancer is a practical path and a meditation on how to dance life from the core. The dance space is a different space than the everyday space. It is like a parallel universe – a space where the body, the spirit and the creative can connect. Free of the daily distractions you have the opportunity to experience being fully alive, connected, centered and whole in the present moment. Here you can listen to body, breath and heart. You can express in movement, what is beyond words. You can grow your capacity for aliveness, compassion and focus. Here you can move or become still… whatever is needed in the moment.

Join us on the path: Core Connexion  a practice   a way of life – an international community 

You can dance with movement of the body, with colors and lines or words on paper or with sounds. You spiral in an out of different ways of expressing yourself creatively… diving deeper and deeper into the river of creativity and aliveness – reaching and rooting into your own core.

This beautiful and alive presence you can take out into your life and into the world.

Life and dance are totally connected.

Welcome to the greater dance of everything! 

May our dances be songs of homecoming – prayers of love and reverence, inviting a healing dream for all beings … It is my intention to support people to connect to their core and liberate and empower each person’s unique and natural beauty, creativity, intelligence and autonomy. I believe that an individual’s personal growth, connection and awareness serve to support and expand global connection, consciousness and healing of the relationship to  each other and our earth. – Eva Vigran

 Why do Core Connexion?

* As movers and dancers we are experts in change.

* We guide our awareness to our bodily anchors in the NOW and awaken, align with and enliven our core and life. 

*We organize a neuronal infrastructure of body, brain and creativity from   the center.

*We can live authentically, decrease stress, find new solutions and learn how to “dance” with life’s challenges from the ground of  center and interdependence.

* We develop and integrate the Core Connexion tools as a model for change for self, our relationship to others and the world.

Core Connexion invites you to…

*become present with and inhabit the body at any age.

*experience full body integration and build a broad repertoire of moving, feeling and thinking.

*move from center and core, fostering resilience, perspective and an explorative and curious spirit.

* learn about the interconnection of the six aspects of our intelligence.

*dance life from your core and use the Core Connexion resources as a way of life-long learning, integration and healing.



"Eva is one of the funnest people I know to dance with, and one of the most creative people I know. She is super dedicated to her work and generous in her offerings. She creates communities of dancers that stay with her for years and years and years and years. On top of all that, she is very entertaining in her authenticity, and brings a smile to my face or a laugh with her theatrical ways of expressing herself.” Florence Schneider, Fairfax CA