Core Connexion

What is Core Connexion? | Method | The Eight Keys | The 6 Levels of Intelligence | What to expect | Who participates?

At the core of each of us…

… there lives a dancer…. aligned, alive, fluid, luminous and totally in synch with the rhythm of life – “core connected”. This energy lives at our core – no matter who we are, how we are or where we are. The 8 Core Connexion keys connect us to this life force, generating new awareness and vitality.

Through playful connection with ourselves, others, space or nature, we can find our own expression and authentic aliveness, which lies beyond gender, social roles, age, race, culture or religion… Let’s experience the magic of co-creativity that happens when a community practices together. Every BODY is part of this healing community.

Our bodies remember the Dance …

… for thousands of years humans have danced for healing, aliveness, orientation or transformation. Dance is a universal language, which takes us far beyond the spoken word.

Inhabit your Body…

Explore your organic movement and aliveness in your body through different somatic Core Connexion rituals, building new and healthy body – brain connections and full body integration to grow strength, flexibility, balance and new repertoire of moving, feeling and thinking. Discover your own dance and expression. You can dissolve unhealthy tension and movement patterns in the body. You can unwind and “update” yourself into the NOW. Core Connexion supports you to find and practice a movement repertoire that fits YOU.

Resilience from the center… The art of moving presence.

Regular centering practice connecting body and mind through the 8 keys, creates a strong neuronal infrastructure for presence mindfulness and resilience. Through strengthening your connection to your inner compass and GPS at your core, you create a sense of clarity, of center and well-being for yourself.

You can “dance” your life from your core.

Core Connexion is a holistic and multidisciplinary approach and offers in-depth practices to work effectively and playfully with body, awareness, movement, energy and creativity to foster well-being for yourself and your community.

“If it is not playful… it is not serious enough.” Caroline Casey

The Method & the Map

Movement – Presence – Creativity

Core Connexion Transformational Arts is the essence of my 30 years of experience in many somatic, creative, and expressive arts techniques from different parts of the world. 

It offers a grounded, creative and safe space and practical techniques to connect body, center, awareness, movement, energy and creativity.

Core Connexion Transformational Arts blends techniques of movement, embodiment,  expressive arts (drawing, dancing, theatre, writing,…), the martial arts and centering with findings in psychology, brain science, traditional wisdom and meditation. 

This interdisciplinary approach creates an atmosphere of playful creativity and centered presence. It invites your creative and playful spirit to develop individual possibilities of expression and ways to connect to your core. These experiences reach far beyond our cultural and social roles, beyond the limits of the spoken word and the conscious mind.

It supports you to develop inner resources and tools to benefit your whole being – on and off the dance floor.


The Map of the 8 Core Connexion Keys…

… open the gates to presence to prepare body and mind to move together. They guide you on your creative movement journey and into dancing your life.

Each key is like a window into the energy system of the body, connecting us with our aliveness in the present moment and our physical, energetic, intellectual and spiritual resources at the core. They can be applied to work on the dance floor and every day life!

“Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost.” Pina Bausch

Core Connexion on the 6 Levels of Intelligence

…builds presence, embodiment and creativity for the individual and the collective.

Bodily intelligence: CC builds body awareness and movement repertoire through somatic techniques and CC key movement sequences, movement studies and improvisation

Emotional intelligence: CC explores the emotional landscape through gesture, intensity and quality of movement, color, sound and word. Movement and emotion have an organic feed back loop.

Mental intelligence: CC presents theoretical concepts, offers intelligent ways to process, share and integrate the movement experience.

Spiritual intelligence: We build a regular practice, where each person finds his/her individual expression between the mundane and the universal. We develop our inner witness.

Community intelligenceUbuntu (Zulu: I am because we are):  Each persons individual growth and awareness has an effect on the bigger community. Through playful interaction in a group or in nature we can learn about our belonging to humanity, the principles of conscious communication, co-creativity and co-operation.

Earth and ecological intelligence: Connecting with our inner and outer nature we connect to the natural and organic processes of life. We can develop a deeper relationship to those and create an inner and outer sustainability of life.

When the 6 levels of our intelligence – body, emotions, mind, spirit and community – are unified and in harmony we can experience a deep sense of connection, presence and timelessness. We are core connected – we are embodied.

At the Core of every Body is the Dance

What to expect from a Core Connexion Session


Core Connexion basic and weekly practice
In a Core Connexion session we start by connecting with body, breath and sensation, inviting presence and creative expression from within. Through the choice of theme and music, each session is carefully sequenced for playful individual and group connection, co-creation, exploration and aliveness.
To integrate the dance journey, depending on the event, we use drawing, writing or sharing as tools.

Who participates?

This practice is for every BODY – no matter what size, age or level of fitness. We also invite participants who would like to stay vital and creative while aging. 

The size of our groups varies from 5 to 40 people, depending on the event. The age of our participants ranges between twenties into the eighties. Groups for children can be organized as well.

Just bring yourself, a willingness to move, a longing to live life from your center and an openness to what happens in the moment.

Come as you are …


What do people use Core Connexion for?

Participants have used the Core Connexion principles to connect to their vitality, joy, inner resources and creativity at any age. Participants incorporate their experiences  into their personal and professional lives and utilize this practice in the areas of education, therapy, health, communication, the arts, their personal circle and community.

The practice supports participants to “dance their lives”, to move through life connected to their embodied presence, center and resources.  The somatic focus grounds the practice in the moment and helps participants to move through transitions or challenging times, to invite healing, to open to new possibilities and affirm their innate aliveness and light.