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Dear ones, as some of us cannot dance in community at this time due to Covid 19 virus or due to something else… I would like to offer these Core Connexion inspirations for you. They help me to calm down, get grounded, stay present and tap into my creativity and connect to the bigger community that is out there all the time… Ubuntu! (South African word for: I am because of you – you are because of me)

We are all in this together.

All of these qualities tend to go away under stress, when the “reptile brain” takes over (Yes, you have one too. Part of you is still a dinosaur) and tells us to fight, flee, freeze or fold and feel powerless or aggressive – we are in the so-called “red zone” – a reactive mode, primed for more fear, depression and aggression. 

The practices that I offer here can support you to calm down, stay embodied and present and also protect from resonating too much with the tension and panic in others and the media. Through practice and intention we can establish our own healthy energy from the core (green zone) and act from a grounded presence rather than a fearful reactive mode. More than ever we need to stay present and affirm our aliveness and health every moment.

Covid 19 is supposed to be a world epidemic… dance and embodiment practices –  are a world – healing – movement. 

Lets move together. Join us for ….

Dancing Feet United – Ubuntu

Our feet lead the way.… for thousands of years they have followed the beat of music – the rhythm of life. 

All cultures of the earth cultivate their dances because our bodies are made for dancing.  

Throughout our human history people have come together in dance, asking for healing, celebrating rituals of harvest or fertility, seeking advice or direction from mother earth or father sky. 

Let’s follow our feet…

Dance and body awareness can help us to tune our bodies, express what is present, to release tension, to flow with our feelings, to get unified in body, heart, mind and soul and to balance the different energies in our being. Dance like this compares to a “well of wellness”. The more I do it the more I recharge my batteries.

Ubuntu …I am because of you – you are because of me

When we dance there are always other feet, bodies or movements on the earth that dance too… they might dance for peace, for healing, orientation, life force, prayer or just because movement is what they do. 

This might be you, this might be me, or someone in California, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand,…

It might be an animal, doing its mating dance, a flower opening to the sun, a tree moving in the breeze, waves in the ocean, dolphins jumping, clouds in the sky…. you get the idea. Yes, everything dances. 

There is always some being or movement who dances too … 

This is where Ubuntu comes in: we are connected and there is a reciprocity. 

I want to invite you to dance with us all over this beautiful planet in the spirit of Ubuntu and carry the spirit of healing, kindness and joyful inspiration through dance into our bodies, our communities and through this world. We are “better” together. Knowing that there is a community out there moving, some at the same time is quite an amazing feeling. 

Just because we cannot be together in the same room does not mean that we cannot practice together. Practicing at the same time in spite of being in different localities, builds a co-creative community field, feeling and consciousness, that we all can access. 

Caroline Casey once quoted this in one of her talks: “The purpose/fortune of ritual magic and community practice is to spiral into group mind, group energy, expanded vision, confidence and tolerance.” (source unknown to me)

You can dance at any time, anywhere and someone else will be dancing too. 

But if you like, you can also join us in our “Core Connexion dance dates” when the space is officially held by at least one of us Core Connectors in California (Eva Vigran, Deborah Parker) or Canada (Nadia VanDoren), Susanne Frohmüller (Germany). 

We dance together with intention in different places on this planet at the same time. In our experience we “drum” messages through the earth to the other side of the world where someone else is dancing. Important is that you direct your energy into the earth and towards the core… the place where all our “roots” meet. From there you can pick up the drumming signs of the other beings and “dance together” and build the community field. 

In the Zoom online dance dates I offer Core Connexion inspirations and also music for you to dance to.

Our Dance Dates to be in the unified field with us are every Sunday:

Berkeley/Marin County, California & British Columbia, Canada 11 am – 1pm Pacific time

Calgary, AB, Canada noon – 2pm

Germany, Switzerland, Austria 20 – 22 Uhr (Sommerzeit)

Join us via Zoom in real time on Sundays for a donation. Link


Or join us anytime for our free offerings – please click on orange links to read the intro to the videos and access the music list.

Link: Online inspiration 1: Anchoring in the NOW introduction (read before you watch the video) 

Video: Online inspiration 1: Anchoring in the NOW