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Whether in our living room, kitchen or garden, dance is our medicine – a way to connect to the core. So is gathering with each other in community… wherever we are “planted” on this earth.

In these classes we interweave creative and organic movement with the strong and centered presence of our inner witness. Curiosity always opens any dance floor (also yours at home) into a space where the body and the spirit connect. Together we dance in the transformative fire of movement and presence, dive under the surface of the visible into the world of sensations, movement and emotions… supporting each other in the healing energy field of a conscious, heartfelt and embodied community.

Let’s dive into the river of dance together!

Sundays Dancing Feet United - International

Every Sunday with Eva: You have to register each week in advance!!!

Core Connexion Centering - in German only

Every Tuesday with Eva, for advanced students

Thursdays Core Group for advanced students

Every Thursday with Eva. Please send me a mail via the contact link if you are interested and want to apply for this class. 

Dear ones, 

as some of us cannot dance in community at this time due to Covid 19 virus or due to something else… I would like to offer these Core Connexion inspirations for you. They help me to calm down, get grounded, stay present and tap into my creativity and connect to the bigger community that is out there all the time… Ubuntu! (South African word for: I am because of you – you are because of me)

We are all in this together.

All of these qualities tend to go away under stress, when the “reptile brain” takes over (Yes, you have one too. Part of you is still a dinosaur) and tells us to fight, flee, freeze or fold and feel powerless or aggressive – we are in the so-called “red zone” – a reactive mode, primed for more fear, depression and aggression. 

The practices that I offer here can support you to calm down, stay embodied and present and also protect from resonating too much with the tension and panic in others and the media. Through practice and intention we can establish our own healthy energy from the core (green zone) and act from a grounded presence rather than a fearful reactive mode. More than ever we need to stay present and affirm our aliveness and health every moment.

Covid 19 is supposed to be a world epidemic… dance and embodiment practices –  are a world – healing – movement. 

Lets move together. Join us…

Or join us anytime for our free offerings - please click on orange links to read the intro to the videos and access the music list.