Core Connexion Seed Circle & Teacher Training

Become a creative catalyst for yourself, your community and the world.

I believe that the world needs more conscious and creative souls who are catalysts for creativity, positive change and community building. Those of us who dive into the river of dance over and over again, keeping body, heart and mind fluid, build resilience, presence and capacity for the waves of life, create new paths and have fun and authentic connections to others too.

Become a creative Core Connexion Catalyst …
During this training, Eva Vigran and faculty will guide you through powerful practices to successfully connect with your body, creativity and your core as a resource, harness its potential and be a creative catalyst for yourself, others and your community.
You’ll engage with sensory awareness, conscious movement, dance, hands-on work, centering, creative and expressive arts and mindfulness to awaken all facets of your intelligence to help you to be present, release stress, renew vitality, build a loving relationship with your body and uncover your creative potential.

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Seed Circle Training

In the Seed Circle you will focus on becoming present in your body and move consciously and creatively with your aliveness using the 8 Core Connexion Keys. In addition to foundational and advanced teachings, you’ll learn how to shape a personal, creative and embodied practice which does not only connect you to your joy and inner nature but can also transform the effects of stress, illness or aging into aliveness and creativity.
You can become a Creative Catalyst and get the benefit of Core Connexion as an ongoing practice in your own community. You can start a CC Seed Circle at home with your friends, family and other “seedlings”. These Seed Circles are extremely precious and intimate. They offer a supportive container for participants to practice together in an easy and intimate setting without having to put in lots of organizational work and money to start a class in a big venue.
Level 1 gives you lots of basic tools and material to practice, grow and play together.

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Teacher Training

Build your capacity for embodied leadership on the Core Connexion dance floor and in life

Many people love to go even deeper in their practice, teach groups on the dance floor and take Core Connexion out into the world through classes, workshops or into their workplace. The Teacher training builds on the seed circle and focuses on building the tools of creative and embodied leadership on the Core Connexion dance floor. You will work on finding your unique and authentic voice, energy, movement and way to hold space for the practice of Core Connexion. We will have fun!

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Master Training

Mastery: Continuing education for facilitators
This Mastery training focuses on deepening the theory and practice of Core Connexion and tools of your individual creative, authentic and embodied leadership style. All Master students are mentors for seed circle participants. Required for all CC-Graduates who would like to apply to be a CC-Faculty member and assist and co-teach in CC-Trainings.